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Mercedes Benz Keys

mercedes keys rancho cucamongaAt American Lock & Key of Rancho Cucamonga, we believe that replacing a Mercedes key does not have to be a complicated and time consuming process. We can replace your Mercedes key in a much faster, quicker and more cost-effective manner than your local Mercedes dealer without having you wait in line in a busy showroom.

Save time by going to American Lock & Key of Rancho Cucamonga, where we have years of experience working with Mercedes owners and are authorized to issue Mercedes replacement keys. Mercedes dealerships sometimes must order their keys all the way from Germany – a process that can take 10 days or more and cause you unnecessary frustration.

When it comes to replacing lost car keys, extracting broken car keys and programming all kinds of chip keys, we have a strong understanding and years of experience dealing with these kinds of jobs. Our Rancho Cucamonga Mercedes auto locksmith services guarantee that a trained locksmith will arrive at your vehicle, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you can get back into your vehicle and on your way as quickly as possible.

Why are Mercedes keys so expensive to replace?

mercedes key rancho cucamongaReplacing a Mercedes key requires knowledge of the Mercedes electronics system, which is among the most sophisticated systems in the automobile market. Each key is a “smart key” installed with electronic codes that enable you to start a car and control its functionality. Attempting to use an older, already programmed key simply won’t work – the electronic codes are designed to change on a rolling basis every time you use your car. The keys of a car are unique to the vehicle for which it is made, holding data about mileage, VIN and specific comfort settings. This level of customization is an additional step used to prevent thieves or unauthorized users from entering your car. However, this customization also makes the process of replacing a Mercedes key more complex than it is with keys for other vehicles.

How does American Lock & Key offer a reduced rate than Mercedes dealers?

The cost for Mercedes replacement keys at a Mercedes dealer in the greater Rancho Cucamonga area can be upwards of $600. But think of what goes into that price. First, you must pay the premium for any product from a luxury automobile brand. Secondly, you must pay the labor costs for someone at Mercedes to issue a new key and reprogram it. Finally, there’s the higher cost associated with the overhead of a Mercedes dealership.

With our team at American Lock & Key, we do not have these kinds of overheads and we don’t charge a premium for our services. We have been trained to work with Mercedes vehicles and to provide a courteous service for each of our customers. We realize that you have a choice when it comes to getting a Mercedes replacement key so based on our vast experience dealing with Mercedes vehicles, we know and understand the advanced electronics within any Mercedes vehicle and the value you place on your vehicle.

That’s why we ensure that working with us will be less time consuming and more cost effective than relying on a local Mercedes dealership. You are a luxury car owner, and we believe you should have a luxury car ownership experience.

If you need a Mercedes replacement key, call American Lock & Key of Rancho Cucamonga, because we’re ready to help you. Call us today: 1-909-227-5455.

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“Rekeyed my business after losing my keys was fast to show up. Thank you Anthony!!! Excellent service will recommend to my family and friends.”

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-Nicole L.

“If i could give Anthony 10 stars i would! My family and i were stuck at the Ontario mills mall with no keys to our car. Anthony came out within 30 minutes and made a key and programmed it super fast. Great prices and great service. Would definitely use again.”

-John B.